Best Affiliate Program 2011
Join the best affiliate program on the web. Become an affiliate to promote the Affiliate Lease Inc. software platform that empowers individuals to build their own websites to market products online. We know affiliates and what matters to them as our program was designed by former professionals in this field. We offer a high commission structure and everything else you need to market our product to visitors to your website.

Campaign Types Permitted
Blog, website, email, and coupon. You may also use paid search campaigns provided that you inform us. As former affiliates we know that PPC campaigns are preferred and used by many in this industry. We also know that it's a huge pain when advertisers don't permit their publishers to bid on particular terms. In an effort to continue to be the best affiliate program on the web in 2011, we do not place bidding restrictions on our publishers. We do require you to inform us that you are running paid traffic and do not allow titles for ads placed on advertising platforms to use the phrases "Official Site" or any other reference to our website ONLY if you you are running traffic to your own website.

Campaign Management
As a member of our affiliate program you will receive real-time tracking via the Has Offers platform, regarded by many as the best of its kind. You will also receive a dedicated affiliate manager who is available for support purposes to help you grow.

Creatives Provided
You will receive access to links, banners and aesthetically pleasing animated gifs in a variety of sizes to add to your website or blog. Please reach out to us if you require a larger format file or have any special creative needs.

Cookie Duration
Cookies will last for 30 days to make sure that you get the credit that you deserve for all leads generated through your marketing campaigns.

High Commission Structure
Though we do provide incentives for what are commonly referred to as "super affiliates," our base commissions are very high. Why do we provide such a high commission structure? The answer is plain and simple. We know that the best way to separate ourselves from other networks and maintain our goal of being the best affiliate program in 2011 and in the years going forward is to make our affiliates give us prime placement on their websites. By paying more for sales, everyone benefits. It's very simple. If we have a high commission structure we know that we will receive more sales. Affiliates will make more money and everyone will be happy.

Our Product
We provide a customizable website builder with all of the bells and whistles that one would need to make money online promoting financial products, namely credit cards. As 7 year veterans in the affiliate marketing industry, we know what is necessary, what works, and what doesn't work to break into this niche. The platform was built to give people the opportunity to start an online business and give them the ability to make money online in the most cost-effective manner possible. The Affiliate Lease system works because the platform, meaning the website one may create, is extremely cheap and hosting an domain registration is included. Closing a sale is easier compared to our competitors as we don't require longterm contracts and our Clients may either pay month to month or yearly as we operate under the SAAS umbrella. This allows them to use their financial resources in ways that will allow them to launch their business, maximize their ROI quicker than normally possible, and begin to make money online without worrying about recouping high set-up and development costs.

8 Andrea Circle
Needham, MA 02494

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