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This section of our website is intended to aid people with online marketing. It isn't a secret formula, but rather an ongoing editorial on methods that work and don't work in the online world. The primary focus on this section is affiliate marketing and how to make money online using the affiliate channels. Most of the work in this field that we've done up to this point has been either in a consulting role or through various forums throughout the web. We've decided to limit our exposure and impart our knowledge on our own website. It's completely free to our Clients at Affiliate Lease or anyone else who may find us via search or social media. If you have a particular topic that you'd like covered or have any specific questions, reach out to us. Currently, we're not accepting any consulting inquiries, but are always available to meet up with you at local and national trade shows or events. You can find out where we'll be by following us on Twitter. Otherwise, take advantage of the following free information as it may help you to make money online and build a winning affiliate website.

While there is no right way or wrong way to build your navigation, there are a few different routes you can take. Some of those roads may be more time consuming and less effective than others. Here I outline principles that I myself have employed when building navigation and menus for affiliate products and touch on the negative impact that listing things alphabetically and/or chronologically can have on your ROI.

Building a sales page for legitimate affiliate products may seem fairly straight-forward, but the truth is that it isn't as simple as just building a page and inserting a bunch of links. Visitors to your website aren't going to buy from you or click on your affiliate links unless you set up the page properly. In this piece I outline what I believe are the best practices to implement to make money online with an affiliate sales page.

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