Should You Enter Your Online Business Into Google Places? You Betcha
By Danielle Buffardi - Social Media Editor

Google Place Pages is where it’s at when consumers are searching for business, local or otherwise. Just because your business may be strictly conducted over the Internet, that doesn’t mean you won’t show up in a Google search. It requires you to enter in an address in order to get your business listed, however, if you’re like me, and you use a Post Office Box as your mailing addresses, then simply use the address of your Post Office as the physical address needed to obtain a Google Place Page. Simple, right? Now let’s get into why it’s essential that you list your business within their database.

Today’s market of consumers understands online businesses. And to find them, one must search online. Google’s Place Page helps make this happen. Lots of would-be clients are hooked up on some form of mobile device (e.g. iPad, iPod, Droid, Blackberry, etc) and that means they are using their device to search Google for businesses and other things. Searching via a mobile device triggers Google to include local and online business in your search results, even though you may not have asked for them. These ‘local’ answers help to catapult your online company into more search results. Reason #1 to add your business to Google’s business database.

Reason #2 - Google is continuously updating their algorithm when it comes to ranking pages, this serves online businesses well. They are getting noticed more in search results, and the key to staying in the search results is filling out all the information on your Place Page. Don’t start it and come back to it, that won’t win you page rankings - fill in all the requested information immediately whether you’re required to do so or not. Doing so will help your chances of ranking higher and staying in the top tiers when the search results are displayed.

Finally, reason #3 that you should list your online business within the service as they love third-party sites. This means what’s out on the web about you - your blog posts, the comments that you leave on other blogs, even your social media sites, all help you to appear in search results. These third-party links will help potential clientele find you. 
The key with almost every search engine is the more you’re mentioned - the more you show up. That’s why so many big-time bloggers and online entrepreneurs show up at the top of search results - they’re mentioned on tons of other bloggers’ sites, they have a great number on link-backs to their site, and they are including keyword rich content to ensure they remain in the forefront of the SERPS. Including your business in Google’s Place Page is just one step that you can do to place your business out there for potential clients to find you. And that equals more money in your pocket which is always a good thing.

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