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Learn how to develop a social media strategy and find information and tips about social media marketing from Danielle Buffardi. The following daily excerpts will aid in staying abreast with current trends in social media and the best practices for implementation. Our section devoted to social media is researched and composed by Danielle Buffardi of PenPoint Editorial Services. In addition to her career as a freelance writer, Ms. Buffardi is an active social media user, using the various platforms to grow her business. Danielle holds a master's in English and actively volunteers her time to non-profits both online and locally while providing her services and expertise as a writing coach, literary consultant, writing teacher, and freelance editor through PenPoint Editorial.

The mistake that most businesses make when they embark on a social media campaign is that they lack a plan. In order to develop a plan, especially when it comes to social media, it's necessary to understand how the services that they will use function and their nuances. Below are categories about the platforms available and etiquette for their use. In addition there are several other topics covered that play a role in using these platforms such as mobile apps and features within the applications themselves. Also covered are traditional forms of marketing and advertising that can compliment a social media campaign. This portion of the Affiliate Lease website is organic in nature and as social media grows and advances, so will this area. A new article is posted daily M-F so check back frequently for updates.

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Why Social Media is a Must for Your Business
There are several different platforms that you may use when developing a social media strategy. In this introductory piece, Ms. Buffardi outlines a few reasons why you need to use these services and cites a few examples of how and why certain services are used.

Using Twitter to Grow Your Business
An overview of Twitter including etiquette, basic principles, and tips on how you can engage customers and peers to grow your business.

Grow Your Business with LinkedIn
Use LinkedIn's social platform both as a networking and marketing tool for business growth.

Facebook Basics for Businesses
Don't overlook Facebook when implementing a social media strategy. In this piece, the basics of setting up a business page and some general tips are provided on how to get yourself going with Facebook to gain brand recognition and update potential and existing Client with news about your company.

Quora was brought to the general public because a former CTO of Facebook saw a void in the Q/A services offered on the web. The platform allows you to build a following by answering questions within your specialty. It's an up and coming tool for branding as well as marketing. 

As a rule of thumb, if Google provides a product, use it even if it isn't completely applicable to your model or what you're doing. We suggest that even if you run an online business that you submit it to Google Places as it may help your overall rankings.

Don't neglect YouTube. If you use Facebook in any capacity you'll see exactly how powerful the video sharing service is. Here are a few tips to optimize YouTube for social media. 

We use StumbleUpon because it is a very good platform for gaining traffic. It also brings in targeted visitors that may end up becoming future clients. Implementing StumbleUpon into your social media campaign works best if you are constantly adding fresh and interesting content to your website.

Simply setting up a LinkedIn profile for your business isn't enough. To maximize all that LinkedIn has to offer, becoming an active member of the community is vital. This includes joining groups and participating in the answers section as well. 

Many recruiters use LinkedIn as their primary resource for filling job openings. This shows that not only can LinkedIn serve as a marketing tool, it's also an extremely useful platform for recruiting during company expansion.

We acknowledge that the workload associated with maintaining a social marketing campaign can be trying at times. Even still, it's important to continually update your Facebook Business Page on a daily basis. This piece outlines five simple daily actions that you can perform to save time AND keep your fans current with your product. 

Before you begin setting up a fan page, you need to come up with an execution plan. This is a synopsis of how to jump-start and how to develop your fan page for customer engagement.

Simple Twitter Etiquette for Businesses
Don't just open an account and start tweeting. Learn the basics of Twitter as well as the best practices and simple etiquette before taking an active role in using Twitter for business purposes. 

If you have an affiliate product and are going to promote it by simply placing a link to a Twitter post, chances are it isn't going to convert. Here are a few tips regarding how to make money online using Twitter.

In addition to being an excellent standard media device, the IPhone is quickly becoming a business tool. Almost every social platform has their own mobile application in addition to the numerous third part options available. Not only do we recommend that you use these, you may also want to consider a few general business apps that can aid productivity.

These apps allow you to manage your Twitter account with ease. Some of them may be used as desktop applications but can also be used on mobile devices and tablets. If you're looking for a Twitter app other than the Official Application from the company itself, we suggest that you consider one of these as they actually may provide more flexibility and features for your business needs.


No matter how strong your online profile and marketing campaign, if your website isn't set up to close potential clients, you won't have the ability to maximize your ROI.

Analyzing user behavior on your website is necessary as it will allow you to approximate what people like and dislike about your site. There are a few different analytics tools that you can use to aid in this: Google Analytics, Yahoo Analytics, and ClickTale.

In addition to a clean, professional design, there are a few must haves for your site that are commonly overlooked. These include "share" buttons, sticky content, and effortless navigation among other things. 

There are three elements to consider when building a killer website: design/organization, writing, and promotional copy. All play different roles with equal importance. If you're using our product, you will have the design aspect covered as you can design very aesthetically pleasing templates on your own, but you will still need to organize your content and make sure that it adheres to the best website practices.

The unfortunate reality is that email marketing is usually equated with spam. This doesn't have to be and isn't usually the case. White hat marketers have been using email campaigns effectively without being intrusive for years.

Just because technology is growing at an exponential rate doesn't mean that you should neglect traditional tactics. Compliment your online efforts with word of mouth advertising and other offline methods as you will have an edge on your competitors who have abandoned their offline efforts.

Build relationships, help subscribers feel like an insider, and sculpt your email marketing campaign carefully and you will have the ability to grow your business.  

Advertising and brand exposure don't always cost money. There are several things that you can do that are free that can help you build your business via brand exposure. Though the benefits may not make you money immediately, utilizing local resources can help your business exposure both online and offline. 

Staying motivated to create fresh original content to entice your readers into returning to your blog or website isn't as easy as you may think. For all of us that run websites or blogs, it's easy to get into a rut. This piece gives some insight on how you can prevent this from happening to you.

Content, clarity, cultivate, and consistency are four of the main factors required when building a business whether it be for affiliate marketing or anything else for that matter. 

Retweets, likes, and all other shares are attained the same way as traditional text links. Think of your posts as link bait. Make sure that they spark interest and include any deals or promotions within the body of the posts. 

Time is money, especially hen you're in business for yourself. As a small business owner, affiliate marketing professional, or entrepreneur, time management will play a major role in your success or failure. 

If you've decided to make the plunge and market a website or websites as a full time job, you've made a conscious decision to dedicate your time and money to promoting your website. This can get expensive so it's a good idea to tap into and research free forms of publicity that can drive traffic and brand your business. 

Managing your new Clients, maintaining relationships with old ones, and recruiting more can be a daunting task. Here a few basic, yet commonly overlooked tips to deal with Clients, new and old. 

If you are a one man show, it's very difficult to keep up with not only daily business tasks, but future ones as well. If you're running an online business, this is even more difficult as a certain amount of time needs to be dedicated to keeping up with changing trends. Stay motivated and makes sure that you're organized. 

Running an online business comes with a very large workload. In order to be successful, you've got to be organized. That's a given. Take a proactive approach by organizing yourself not just for today, but tomorrow too. 

Running a business is a balancing act. Enticing customers is the first part. Keeping them is the second. It also helps to keep current customers hungry for your brand by continually improving their user-experience. Though difficult, if done correctly it will improve your ROI. 

Everything doesn't come with a hefty price tag. The current trend among start-ups is to gain a following and then develop a monetization model. Others simply offer their products and services for free or have several different subscription options. Here are a few totally free online business tools.

The fact is that no matter how hard you try, someone will always be unsatisfied with the service or product that you're providing. The million dollar question is -- How do you resolve the issue appropriately and professionally?

Ever wonder why some online businesses take off an other flop? Or why one person's seemingly normal business turns into an overnight sensation? Chances are they have pushed their boundaries and haven't worried too much about the competition.

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